Activities and the Dashboard Overview

The Vision Dashboard is your personalized "portal" into Vision. The Dashboard allows you to create a virtual bulletin board that contains links to all the Vision data that you need to access on a regular basis. Data links are organized into dashparts—for example, Projects, Contacts, and Activities.

When you configure your dashboard, you can include the Activities dashpart, which displays a list of your scheduled activities. Use the Activities Filter dialog box to specify the activities to display in this dashpart. From the Activities dashpart, you can view activity details, schedule new activities, and delete existing activities.

Manage Your Activities with the Dashboard

The Activity Calendar, Activity Manager, Info Center, and Dashboard applications share activity data. This means that when you add, modify, or delete activity information from the Dashboard, your modifications are immediately available in the other three applications.

The following exceptions are:

Deltek Vision Connect for Microsoft Outlook

If you use the Vision Connect for Microsoft Outlook application, you can synchronize calendar events and tasks between Vision and Microsoft Outlook ® . You perform the synchronization from the Connect for Microsoft Outlook application. See the online help in Connect for Microsoft Outlook for more information.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

In addition, you can use the Download Microsoft Integration utility to download files that allow you to share activity data between Vision and Microsoft Outlook. See Deltek Vision™ Microsoft Office® Integration Overview for more information.

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